Transforming Myanmar’s Universities into Smart Campuses

Project Background

Education is a cornerstone of a nation’s strength, and Myanmar is no different. In pursuit of elevating higher education, Myanmar’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has handpicked sixty top-rated technical universities across the country for a modernization initiative. The MOE’s pilot project aims to convert these universities into highly automated campuses, fostering improved teacher-student interaction, enriched teaching materials, diversified teaching methods, enhanced teaching quality, and efficiency. Collaborating with Q-NEX, the MOE is ambitiously utilizing smart campus automation and AV technologies to benefit students, educators, and staff. Ultimately, this initiative seeks to nurture a more highly educated workforce to accelerate the country’s development.

Transforming Myanmar's Universities into Smart Campuses - MOE 2

The Challenge

In the pursuit of educational advancement, the challenge faced by MOE of Myanmar is to bridge the gap between conventional teaching methodologies and the ever-evolving modern education. These universities in Myanmar have lagged behind in adopting contemporary instructional technologies. These institutions, still reliant on traditional blackboards and chalk in the classrooms, lack the multimedia devices and infrastructure necessary for an enriched and immersive learning experience for the students. This challenge prompts an urgent need for transformation, equipping the universities with sophisticated multimedia devices, centralized control mechanisms, and automation capabilities to smarten up the campuses with unified device control and management, enhance teaching quality, and improve education fairness by creating a hybrid learning environment for on-campus and on-line learning students as well.

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Q-NEX Solution

Smart Classroom Implementation

The project focuses on equipping classrooms with state-of-the-art AV devices integrated with the Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP). This integration allows for centralized one-touch control over multimedia and electrical devices. Classroom devices, including 65″ IQTouch interactive display panel, IQSound active speakers, IQView document cameras, and IQVideo lecture capture system, are all connected to the NMP. Additionally, the existing devices like air-conditioners and lamps are integrated into the system. Teachers and presenters can now easily control all devices with a single tap, enhancing teaching efficiency and providing a seamless teaching experience.

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Interactive and Collaborative Learning Environment

Creating an interactive and collaborative learning environment is a crucial aspect of the smart campus project. To achieve this, the universities employ various AV technologies, including the IQTouch interactive display panel with Windows OS capabilities, IQ smart pens, and IQShare WP40 for wireless presentation. With the interactive display, teachers can access multimedia resources and teaching-enhancing apps like AI whiteboard and voting apps. These tools enhance teaching effectiveness and encourage collaborative activities, such as brainstorming, to stimulate students’ creativity. IQShare allows seamless content sharing between teachers’ laptops and students’ mobile devices on the big screen, fostering interaction and engagement in the classroom.

Hybrid Learning for Accessibility and Fairness

To improve knowledge accessibility and education fairness, the smart campus project emphasizes hybrid learning. IQVideo LCS610 lecture capture systems are installed in classrooms, consisting of video stations with auto-tracking cameras and ceiling microphones. These lecture capture systems work in unison with other NMP-connected devices, enabling effortless display of diverse teaching contents in hybrid classrooms. With five camera views, including teacher and student perspectives, on-line remote learners can closely follow the classroom activities. Teachers can also conduct campus-wide hybrid learning by live streaming lessons through the Q-NEX platform to the target classrooms on the campus or to the remote learning students via streaming platfroms like Facebook and YouTube or via VC platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and so on.

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Transforming Myanmar's Universities into Smart Campuses - MOE 8

Campus-Wide AV Broadcasting

AV broadcasting plays a vital role in connecting the entire campus. The project implements NMP and Q-NEX Media Box (MBX) in classrooms, libraries, and other areas. A media server with streaming service capabilities is set up to support AV broadcasting. This enables administrators to broadcast pre-recorded speeches to classrooms and libraries through the Q-NEX platform. The university president can also deliver live speeches through the Q-NEX platform or app. With NMP and MBX integration, campus-wide AV broadcasting becomes more accessible.

Automation and Remote Control

The smart campus project implements device automation and remote control to maximize operational efficiency while reducing energy and manpower costs. By connecting AV equipment to the NMP, IT administrators can set automation schedules for routine tasks like turning devices on or off before or after classes. AV contents can be broadcasted to specific classrooms at defined times. Moreover, IT administrators can remotely control devices and perform AV broadcasting through the Q-NEX app, facilitating efficient campus management.

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The Smart Campus Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Myanmar, demonstrates the country’s commitment to modernizing its education system. By relying on AV technologies, interactive displays, collaborative tools, hybrid learning, and AV broadcasting, the universities are transforming into vibrant and innovative smart campuses. Q-NEX helps the project achieve a level of success that not only enhances teaching and learning experiences but also paves the way for a more technologically advanced and inclusive education in Myanmar.

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