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As an audio-visual solutions provider, Q-NEX specializes in automating and centrally managing AV equipment for educational and corporate environments. Our focus is on enhancing the functionality of classrooms and conference rooms through the integration of AV over IP distribution, allowing for seamless campus-wide AV broadcasting and live streaming on a unified web-based platform.
Q-NEX Terminal Units

Q-NEX Terminal Units consist of Networked Media Processor (NMP) and Media Box (MBX). They can be controlled by physical Control Panel or Touch Panel installed in the room, or smart phone through Internet anywhere and anytime.

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Networked Media Processor

NMP (For normal classrooms / seminar rooms / lecture halls / auditoriums / conference rooms)

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Media Box

MBX (For public spaces outside classrooms: school reception / library / cafeteria / offices / corridors)

Optical Accessories for NMP
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Touch Panel

Touch Panel (More user-friendly for classrooms or meeting rooms with multiple displays)

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Control Box

Control box (Wireless control kit for NMP more connection possibilities)

Q-NEX Platform

Q-NEX Platform is the core player in the whole Q-NEX solution, it is a management platform for all Q-NEX terminal units. Since it is deployed on Cloud servers, users can access to it by Internet to manage their own Q-NEX terminals through Web browser on PC or APP (Android or iOS) on smart phone.

Q-NEX Platform consists of Dashboard and Console.