November 6, 2023

Why You Need Q-NEX Dashboard in the Management System

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Why You Need Q-NEX Dashboard in the Management System


In the digital age, we all want to have powerful intelligent devices to assist IT administrators in management systems. Efficient data visualization tools of management can significantly improve IT administrator’s work efficiency and management ability. In this article, we’ll show you why you need to bring Q-NEX Dashboard into your administration system.

1. A brief view of Q-NEX Dashboard

Dashboard is a comprehensive digital platform for managing content. Storing, tracking, and analyzing data, gives administrators the ability to control management easily and improve management processes efficiently. On the Q-NEX Dashboard, IT administrators can monitor the use of devices on campus, such as lights in each classroom. Q-NEX Dashboard can also be connected with the NMP (Networked Media Processor) to play a more powerful role in implementing remote control and remote management functions. In addition, Q-NEX APP is also a tool to help administrators improve management efficiency, we have also been detailed in the previous article, you can click here to learn about its features and use of the scene.

What Can Q-NEX Do? - device control

2. Q-NEX Dashboard for comprehensive device monitoring

Q-NEX Dashboard can offer a comprehensive device monitoring report in the daily maintenance and repair process.

2.1 Maintenance check of connection

During the maintenance and repair of the administrative process, the Q-NEX Dashboard collects and checks device connectivity. When a device is not connected successfully, IT administrators can use the data to troubleshoot and repair the device promptly.

2.2 Report errors in real time

In addition, Q-NEX Dashboard can automatically present the status when the device is disconnected from NMP, IT will automatically send a prompt to the IT administrator, so that the administrator has timely access to the device’s connection status, to maintain the normal operation of campus work.

3. Q-NEX dashboard for reliable user management

Although the standards of management are fixed, the requirements of management are diversified. Q-NEX Dashboard allows different people with different identities to have different administrative privileges based on different needs. For example, for different requirements, let normal users and super admin set the grouping and corresponding permissions. To distinguish authorities between admins and teachers, it can allow the principal and IT admin access to the dashboard of Q-NEX Console, edit user’s reference, and check the running status of devices.

4. Q-NEX Dashboard for intelligent Media Server/ Cloud storage management

Q-NEX Dashboard Allocates space for public and authorized individual storage to get the storage more efficiently used in the system. The cloud storage management is highly flexible and scalable.

Cloud storage allows teachers to easily access their courseware content, audio, and video files in any classroom Users can easily create folders, shared files, and folders in cloud storage, control access, and work with team members or partners in real time. This ability to collaborate and share in real-time improves productivity and teamwork. It is also a secure file backup and data storage and sharing solution.

5. Q-NEX Dashboard for secure card management

Q-NEX Dashboard provides high data management and data protection capabilities.

5.1 User exclusive permission control

Q-NEX Dashboard allows each user can have one IC card to access certain devices. IC cards can be used as a means of authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access the device. IC Card records the user’s identity information. The management system can verify the user’s identity and grant the corresponding access rights.

5.2 Classifying permission management

Q-NEX Dashboard provides user cards and admin cards to grant different user permissions for device control.

5.3 Card usage log report

IT administrators can review card usage logs to keep track of every device operation detail through Q-NEX Dashboard. By reviewing card usage logs, IT administrators can track the device utilization and load. They can analyze information about access patterns at different times, the frequency of usage, and the most utilized functions. This helps to optimize the allocation of equipment and layout, resources,improve the utilization and efficiency of the equipment.

Dashboard - Dashboard02

6. Q-NEX Dashboard for intuitive devices data analysis

The device data analysis of Q-NEX Dashboard contains real-time collection, feedback, and updates of device usage status, big data graphics review, history data queries

6.1 The benefits of data visualization

Data visualization includes different kinds of graphs, maps, charts, or other pictures that transfer hard data into easy-understand information and imply crucial issues. Visualization is a powerful data rendering solution. The visual form of information makes complex data easier to understand. Interactive visualization tools allow administrators to freely explore the data and discover patterns and associations hidden in the data through filtering, scaling, and navigation.

6.2 Real-time collection, feedback and update

Real-time collection, feedback, and update of equipment usage provide comprehensive decision support for the management system. By analyzing device usage data, managers can understand device performance trends, bottlenecks, and optimization potential. These data feedbacks are critical information for continuous improvement of equipment and management systems and can drive managers to create smarter decisions and improvement strategies. This helps the management system to optimize the equipment management process, improve production efficiency and quality, and reduce costs and risks.

6.3 Big data graphics review

Big data graphics can help present complex and large data sets in visually appealing and intuitive ways. Visualizations such as charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards make it easier for IQT administrators to understand patterns, relationships, and trends in device usage. This contributes to a better understanding and insight into key management information.

6.4 History data queries

With history query data, IT administrators can gain insight into the usage patterns, user preferences, and interactions of the device. Visual charts and reports can show key indicators such as activity in device use. This helps administrators analyze device usage behavior and discover potential trends and patterns in user behavior.


In conclusion, Q-NEX Dashboard features comprehensive device monitoring, reliable user management, intelligent Media Server/ Cloud storage management, secure card management, and intuitive device data analysis. If you feel you have difficulty managing device usage, user behavior analysis, etc. You can contact us here to create a more efficient management environment through Q-NEX Dashboard.

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