March 9, 2023

Why Laser Projector Is the Future of Projector PartⅡ

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Why Laser Projector Is the Future of Projector PartⅡ


In the last article, we talked about the benefits of the laser projector, now we??d like mentioned something you must care about when purchasing the laser projector.

There are many models to are optional on the market and each one counters different prices. You may get confused about why some models are cheaper or more expensive, how do you choose Here, I want to advise two key points for you:

1. DLP chip

The different chip will totally counter different prices, 0.47 DMD with a great price but may not perform very well in brightness, test result shows it can achieve at most 1200-1600lum. Another disadvantage of 0.47 chips is it not suitable for big screens, it may cause color fading in sizes like 100 inches. The latest DLP technology used in the projector now is 0.65DMD, which have much improved in both problems.

Simplify Campus Device Management with Q-NEX - 31
Simplify Campus Device Management with Q-NEX – 31

2. Fewer lasers, and lower prices

You may also notice that the laser source has a pure laser and a hybrid laser. A pure laser working structure is a laser source with phosphors to create light as the following picture shows. For hybrid sources, the working structure is: LED source+ Laser source+ Phosphors. One benefit of the hybrid is saving costs.

Using the hybrid source may emerge three questions:

2.1 Hybrid SSI(ReD +Laser or Red/Blue+Laser)will generate imbalance question due to different color source

2.2 Due to the large light-emitting angle of the LED, the light-emitting angle relative to the laser light source is small, and the optical system can not collect more light energy to increase the brightness by increasing the number of LEDs, it will cause the hybrid source with bad light collection efficiency, on account of this, it will reversely result in hybrid projector in high brightness mode must sacrifice color balance, if choose the color balance mode must sacrifice brightness, it will only 1500 lum.

2.3 Hybrid source (LED & Laser) efficiency decay trend inconsistent, long-term use will result in can not to maintained color balance, which will also affect the lifetime of the projector

LCD Touch Panel Suitable for School - IQTouch HA1100 Pro 27
LCD Touch Panel Suitable for School – IQTouch HA1100 Pro 27

3. Bottom Line

So many benefits of laser projectors as I mentioned, but it still not popular in the market, why? In other words, What’s its disadvantage? That’s relatively expensive compared with a traditional lamp projector, So how much will it cost for a laser projector? The price will vary due to different chips and the laser source, different configurations required depends on your needs. Another solution for this disadvantage is the IQ projector with 0.65DMD, pure laser projectors are in end-year promotion, you can get this product at the best prices ever, If you’re interested, don’t miss this opportunity.

Any market to accept new products will take time, the thing we can do is to go ahead than others, or we will leave behind them. Lasers provide unparalleled superiorities, there is no doubt that laser projectors would be the future of the projectors!

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