March 3, 2023

What is Smart Lecture Hall Solution

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What is Smart Lecture Hall Solution


Whether you are a university or college student or a business owner, you will understand the importance of having a smart lecture hall solution. Lecture halls are the most important places in any educational institution. They are used to teaching students, and they are also used as the place where exams take place. This is why it is essential that these lecture halls should be designed properly and consider all factors that can affect students’ performance during exams such as noise levels, temperature levels etcetera

Smart Lecture Hall Solution

Q-NEX offers a smart lecture hall solution that will help you and your business.

We encourage you to reach out to us today and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in the classroom.

There are plenty of great reasons to take a course from a distance. Maybe you’re traveling, or maybe you’re just busy. Whatever the case, you want to make sure that your learning experience is as convenient and efficient as possible.

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This solution is for auditoriums, lecture halls and other large classrooms. With the Q-NEX NMP and IQPodium, the ordinary lectern can be transformed into a multifunctional one with centralized control under minimum cost. By simply standing in front of the lectern, the lecturer can have one-button control over the electric screen and projector, easily switch input sources, power on/off lights and air conditioner. He can also use IQPodium (the desktop smart display) to connect his laptop for touch control and courseware annotation.

The NMP Remote Control software allows school IT administrators to control devices on campus through the Internet at anytime and anywhere, either on PC or mobile devices.

NMP is a smart lecture hall solution that enables school IT administrators to remotely control devices including overhead projectors, computers, and other multimedia devices.

With NMP, students can be engaged in class activities with ease by using laptops or tablets as remote controls. Additionally, teachers can also use this software to manage their classrooms and control student devices remotely.

NMP is a multifunctional device that can be integrated into the lectern. It has powerful functions such as Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth connection and audio output. It is small and simple for wiring, therefore NMP can be perfectly adapted to various classroom lecterns. Furthermore, it is an ideal solution to refurbish the old lecterns into a digital one.

Teachers can control multimedia devices in the classroom through the control panel of NMP, such as power on devices by swiping cards, control projection screen up and down, lights on/off, AV switching, microphone volume adjustment, etc.


Solution Components

The Lecture Hall Solution is composed of several components, which can be purchased separately or in combination. These include:

A climate control system that monitors and controls the temperature and humidity inside the classroom.

A home automation controller that controls lighting, heating/cooling systems, security cameras, and other devices within your home.

A smart hall control panel that allows you to monitor activity in your classroom and access video feeds from security cameras throughout your home if desired. This can also be used to lock doors when you’re not home to prevent unauthorized entry by contractors or cleaning staff, who might otherwise gain access by entering through an open door as they arrive for work each day (this feature could save you thousands of dollars annually). It also allows you to control all aspects of a Q-Nex installation such as volume levels on speakers throughout different rooms in your house so that there are no conflicts between rooms when movies are being played simultaneously during family movie nights! You can even program lights inside each room, so they go off automatically after certain amounts of time spent watching TV or playing video games late at night without needing someone else around all hours, just checking up on things every 15 minutes just make sure nothing bad happens while nobody else is around.””

Solution Features

The Smart Lecture Hall Solution provides a full range of climate control and automation, sound control technologies and smart hall control. The solution is made up of:

Room Control System that manages the temperature in your room. It can also be used to switch on/off lights or close doors.

Home Automation Controller that allows you to operate your home appliances as well as switch on/off lights/air-conditioning in different rooms from anywhere at any time.

Sound Control Technologies (CCTV microphone system) which detects sounds from within a room automatically and adjusts volume levels accordingly so that students can focus on their studies without being disturbed by noises around them.

Outstanding Benefits

In the end, choosing to use the Smart Lectern and Solution for your next lecture hall project will help you save energy, money and time on maintenance. You’ll also be making a difference in the quality of life for all who use it—students, faculty members, and visitors alike.

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Q-NEX offers a smart lecture hall solution that will help you and your business

Q-NEX offers a smart lecture hall solution that will help you and your business. The solution is easy to install and use, cost-effective, and even makes learning fun for students!


Our aim is to provide you with the best lecture hall solution so that you can stay ahead in your business. We offer a wide range of services including installation, maintenance, and repair for all our products which are supported by our team of highly skilled engineers.

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