March 2, 2023

What is Lecture Hall Solution 

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What is Lecture Hall Solution 


We all know that the classroom is a place for learning, but it’s also a place for distractions—and not just because there are so many interesting things to look at. It’s hard for students to focus when they’re too hot or too cold, or when their desks don’t have enough room for all their books and papers.

Our solution is Q-NEX NMP and IQPodium, which can transform ordinary lecture halls into multifunctional ones with centralized control under minimal cost. The lecturer stands in front of the lectern and has one-button control over the electric screen, projector, lights, air conditioner… even his laptop! If he wants to switch input sources or annotate some courseware on IQPodium (the smart display), he simply touches its screen or uses his smartphone as a remote control.

Device remote control through Web

NMP supports remote control of devices, school IT administrators can control devices on campus through the Internet at any time and anywhere, either on PC or mobile devices

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When you buy NMP, it requires no additional device to be installed at your school. This is very important for school IT administrators: they have no need to buy any additional hardware to install in their offices.

In addition, NMP has a lot of features that can facilitate the work of school IT administrators. For example, it allows you to remotely connect to computers with different operating systems from anywhere in the world using only a browser!

Multifunctional device for lectern integration

As a highly-integrated product, NMP has powerful functions, it is small in size and simple for wiring, therefore NMP can be perfectly adapted to various classroom lecterns. It is an ideal solution to refurbish the old lecterns into a digital one.

NMP has a built-in speaker and microphone, which are easy to use and reliable. The speaker also supports Bluetooth connection, allowing you to play music or take phone calls easily.

Linkage control for broadcast

When receiving the campus AV broadcast or the principal’s live broadcast, NMP can automatically roll down the projection screen and turn on the projector.

With a simple click of a mouse, NMP will automatically turn on the projector and roll down the projection screen.

Control classroom devices on the touch panel

The NMP Control Panel is an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows teachers to control multimedia devices in the classroom.

Teachers can control projection screens, projectors, lights and microphones through a swipe card reader. The Control Panel also allows you to control the volume of microphones and speakers on devices connected to your network.

Scheduled tasks for auto-executing

NMP has the function of executing scheduled tasks. By setting the scheduled power on/off task of classroom equipment and the scheduled task of AV broadcasting on the Q-NEX Console, the system can automatically turn on the device or send the AV content to the classroom at the scheduled time.

Transforms ordinary lectern into a smart one

NMP+control panel+IQPodium solution transforms an ordinary lectern into a smart one. The lecturer can use a smart pen to annotate on his courseware by IQPodium (the smart display), and the content can be displayed on the big screen instantly. Besides, the lecturer can switch various sources to display among PC, doc cam, wireless presentation system, etc. through the control panel

The control panel is used to control the NMP and displays the status of the NMP. It also connects with PCs and mobile phones via WiFi or network.

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