March 6, 2023

What is AV over IP


What is AV over IP


AV over IP stands for “Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol”. Essentially, it is the transmission of audiovisual data over a network such as a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. In contrast to the traditional AV distribution, AV over IP refers to the use of standard network equipment to transmit and switch audio and video.

The concept of “video over IP” has appeared for a long time. It covers almost all from live streaming or on-demand video streaming based on the Internet to professional video distribution infrastructure in production. Over the past few years, the AV with IP-based infrastructure has replaced traditional AV infrastructure in the professional AV field. Thus, it calls AV over IP.

Taking advantage of standardized IP-based infrastructure, networked AV can be adapted to multiple systems. Like our Q-NEX Smart Campus solution distributing AV over IP throughout the campus with many spaces of classrooms, libraries, canteens, corridors, even to every corner of the campus.

AV over IP can cover all the content and functions of traditional AV. The only difference is that the AV distribution through a series of boxes and cables changed from circuit-based to packet-based like computer data networks. Q-NEX adopts AV over IP technology combined with central control, which can realize centralized control and management of various systems and devices in the campus, and allows to push audio and video broadcasts to each classroom or space with displays at regular intervals, which greatly reduces manual repetitive operations and saves a lot of time.