March 9, 2023

What Benefits Can Interactive Whiteboards Bring to Classrooms

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What Benefits Can Interactive Whiteboards Bring to Classrooms


With the high development of interactive technology in the education industry, only in the last several years have interactive whiteboards become a must-have tool in K12 classrooms. The interactive technology allows teachers to integrate multiple information streams into a coherent lesson individualized for their students. Interactive whiteboards provide an extraordinary opportunity to create classroom environments where students with different learning styles can engage and learn from each other.

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IQBoard’s All-in-One Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

IQBoard now offers an advanced integrated system that packages the interactive whiteboard, learner response system, lesson design and delivery software, and online support and professional development. Classroom applications for using interactive whiteboards include:
1. Multimedia lessons and presentations including audio and video
2. Collaborative problem solving
3. Showcasing student projects and presentations
4. Virtual field trips
5. Recorded lessons that can be used by substitute teachers
6. Documentation of student achievement

Versatile and Budget-Friendly

What’s more, IQBoard provides you with a wide range of interactive whiteboards that?can?meet every school and district budget. IQBoard touch LCD/LED Touch Screen/Monitor/Frame TV are widely used in education, audio video display, business for teaching, conferencing, video playing, multimedia centers, meetings, presentation, gaming, government, business, advertising, displaying, querying and commanding industries and so on.

Exploring the Key Benefits of IQBoard’s Innovative Design

Here are some IQBoard product benefits following the below:

  1. Simple Structure, stable function, easy to install and maintain
  2. Simplified design of central control, lower failure rate, front wiring, and ease of maintenance.
  3. Instant Image Capturer
  4. Can be integrated with existing electronic whiteboard and writing board
  5. Cost performance
  6. special board can be used as an interactive whiteboard and writing board at the same time

Find complete details about interactive whiteboards with All in One PC for digital teaching solutions, electronic interactive whiteboards from supplier or manufacturer-?Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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