March 6, 2023

Virtual Classroom without Walls

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Virtual Classroom without Walls


​In these two years of the epidemic situation, the learning mode has changed from face-to-face to online learning to hybrid learning. The Ministry of Education, school leaders, faculty and staff, and students have to re-examine their views on the education mode. Deep personalization and accessibility driven by technology have the potential to create a powerful learning experience that is impossible in a traditional classroom with face-to-face learning. Schools have been able to take advantage of the advanced tools to enhance education. It accelerates the pace of technology adoption as the tools become more popular.

Virtual Classroom without Walls - 1 1
Virtual Classroom without Walls – 1 1

How Q-NEX’s Lecture Capture Classroom Enables Learning Anywhere

With this changing trend, we are paying more attention to think about the question “How can we guarantee the fairness and equity of education for every learner around the world?” The universities are weighing how to improve fairness, accessibility, and tolerance after the pandemic is over. Build a “classroom without walls”-where students can collaborate, create and imagine new possibilities.

Empowering Secure and Accessible Campus Experiences

Our Q-NEX has launched a Lecture Capture Classroom solution to deal with the limitation of time and space. By setting up a lecture capture system in the classroom, we can record the lecture in advance or push live streaming on YouTube to teach the students remotely. Realize a real visual classroom without walls, so as to realize the education goal of fairness and equity whether it adapts to the epidemic or recovery.

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