March 6, 2023

The Web Based Platform Q-NEX Console

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The Web Based Platform Q-NEX Console


​Q-NEX Console is a web-based platform, in which school IT admins can remotely control and manage the devices on campus, distribute AV content, and schedule tasks. Therefore, IT administrators are no longer restricted by time and location. They only need to access the network and simple operation on the Console page to manage the devices. There is no need to install the software. Then, I would like to talk about what it mainly achieves.

The Web Based Platform Q-NEX Console - image 2
The Web-Based Platform Q-NEX Console – image 2

Control multiple devices

The first one is remote control device. You even can control multiple devices in batch through the laptop or mobile phone. Next is campus broadcasting. You can create audio and video playlists and select device broadcasting. Admins can play music during break time, listening comprehension tests in class, and campus notifications/ announcements, etc. Mandatory broadcast and text notification can even be supported.  

Scheduled task list setting

As for scheduled task list setting, you not only can set time for automatic power on and off, AV distribution, or notification but also set a particular time to perform a task list and a repeatable task list to perform periodically. All devices on campus can be set to turn on before school and turn off after school, and ring the school bell, play music or video for class automatically from Monday to Friday during the semester. 

Cloud storage

Q-NEX Console provides cloud storage, which has a large memory for individual and public storage. You can upload files on cloud storage for broadcasting so that users can easily get resources to present. Besides, you can create a live public address of a principal broadcast of campus events or emergency notification to the displays in classrooms or school auditorium, which supports live streaming by web camera connection or mobile phone.

These are the part of functions Q-NEX achieves. If you are interested, please visit our official website:

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