March 6, 2023

The Core Product of Q-NEX Solution

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The Core Product of Q-NEX Solution


Q-NEX solution aims at centrally controlling the devices on the whole campus. Its core product is NMP – Networked Media Processor, which is mainly designed to help IT admin manage complicated electronic devices in a school, and free teachers from difficult operations of devices in a multimedia classroom. Only one NMP integrates a LAN switch, AV matrix switch, wireless mic system, AV decoder, power relay, and digital amplifier.
The Core Product of Q-NEX Solution - media server

NMP for a connected system

Concerning its product composition, it consists of a control panel, a networked media processor, and a wireless microphone. The control panel is a small size panel mounted on the wall beside the display. Teachers can do some easy operations on it with one click to save time and enhance the efficiency of teaching like power on and off, volume adjustment, panel lock, input source switch, etc. About NMP, it has several modules which include an AV switcher, networked AV distribution, device control, power amplifier, access control, and wireless mic receiving module. Therefore, just one NMP can achieve multiple functions.

Application of video matrix

For example, a video matrix is to present the same or different content on different display devices. Networked AV distribution is to distribute customized AV content or programs to selected groups, such as a certain grade or some classrooms. The scenario can be a particular video lecture, a recorded course, a listening test, a timed school bell, a notification, campus audio & video programs, etc.

Design of device control module

The device control module is to centrally control and manage the devices we have mentioned several times before. The power amplifier is to work as a speaker. Access control is to avoid students messing up the devices with a built-in electronic lock door security. The wireless mic receiver module is to identify and pair the wireless mic that comes with NMP. It enables teachers can walk around the classroom without limit and pass the microphone to students to answer the questions.

What I talked about above is the main product of Q-NEX. If you would like to know more about it, please contact us at

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