March 6, 2023

The Centrally Managed Device Control for Classroom

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The Centrally Managed Device Control for Classroom


The smart central control system applies to classrooms, multimedia classrooms, auditoriums, and other places with displays on campus such as libraries, canteens, corridors, etc. Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP) integrates multiple independent devices into one networked system, which realizes centralized control of devices, resource sharing, and transmission of audio and video.

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Centralized AV Control and Automation with Q-NEX

The classrooms work together under the unified management of the centralized control system, building a complete smart campus environment. The school IT admin can control and manage the various classrooms through the web-based platform Q-NEX Console or remote control APP, which supports daily management for the classrooms including powering on and off the devices, accessing control, switching video matrix, carrying on scheduled tasks, distributing audio and video, etc. 

How Q-NEX’s Unified Control System Enhances Teaching and Learning

In the process of teaching, the control panel comes with NMP also offered for teacher simple operation. Meet the needs of teachers during the class by easy one-touch to realize the commonly used functions. Moreover, the IT admin can help operate devices according to the requirements of teachers or other faculty for remote auxiliary teaching. 

Centralized AV Management and Remote Assistance with Q-NEX

The smart classroom central control system expands the scope of teaching service management through the network and improves the work quality of the school’s intelligent operation and management. The school IT admin can better provide auxiliary teaching services through a centralized control system (NMP), promote the management level of device assets, and improve work efficiency.

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