March 9, 2023

Latest Education Technology in the Classroom 2017

Latest Education Technology in the Classroom 2017 - KNUST 08

Latest Education Technology in the Classroom 2017


The invention of new technologies and the update of old educational devices showed no signs of slowdown in 2017. Sophisticated teachers will want to make sure they have all the latest trends and innovations so that their students can learn under the best technology.

Most of the recent trends are expected to continue in the classroom. From cheap whiteboards to better interactive device operating systems, educators should know what will happen in 2017.

The Rise of Audio over IP and the Importance of Standards - IQShare BYOM 10
The Rise of Audio over IP and the Importance of Standards – IQShare BYOM 10

Educators’ Increasing Reliance on Digital Tools

The number of devices and uses for tech in the classroom has been steadily increasing over the years. According to a recent survey of 2,500 educators, 60% of teachers expect to use more technology in the classroom than in the past this current school year.

Interactive Whiteboards: Elevating Classroom Engagement with Collaborative Learning

Over the years, the amount of equipment and technology used in the classroom has steadily increased. According to a recent survey of educators, most of the teachers want to use the latest technology in class than they used to.

Three-quarters said they used technology in class every day, and 80% said technology was positive in the classroom.

The most popular technologies used in the classroom are small laptops and tablets. Apple iPads are adopted by many schools due to their simple interface and touch screen. Related apps can make young students learn.

Exploring the Potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education

In recent years, the pad has become a classroom device due to its low cost, various hardware options, and simple Web-based operating system. These small pads also give educators control over student activity and can be preprogrammed with educational applications. Students can use the pad to collaborate and collaborate with groups from spreadsheets and documents. Those devices are especially useful in schools where limited equipment and internet access is available in the student’s home.

The Growing Demand for Classroom Technology Integration

Teachers have also adopted IQBoard in class. These computer-connected digital whiteboards use projectors and fingers, to enable up to 10 students to write on the surface. Teachers can explain a concept on the board and annotate the important parts with built-in software. This is a great tool for students of all ages and a few subjects.

How Classroom Technology Supports Learning in the Modern Era

Some educators are trying to be virtual or augmented reality. Students can enter the 3D location using high-end technology such as Google Glass or the low-end Google Cardboard VR helmet. History students can visit distant locations with free apps or use the New York Times New York software to explore current events. The cost of cardboard headphones is less than $ 10, using a free application that requires only a smartphone.

Using technology in the classroom dates back nearly 100 years when airwaves began broadcasting air lessons. Since then, innovations such as ultra-short throw projectors, calculators, desktops and CD-Roms have revolutionized the teaching environment.

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