December 14, 2023

Q-NEX Product Update: Innovations in Automation, PTZ Control, and NMP Functionality

Q-NEX Product Update: Innovations in Automation, PTZ Control, and NMP Functionality - reshdn3

Q-NEX Product Update: Innovations in Automation, PTZ Control, and NMP Functionality


Today, we will present to you the recent product updates of Q-NEX, encompassing both the introduction of new modules and the optimization of Q-NEX’s functionalities.

1. Q-NEX Module Updates

Firstly, regarding Q-NEX module updates, we have introduced a new Sensor Automation module in response to user demands. This module is designed to facilitate environmental control. Additionally, with the upcoming release of the Q-NEX NPS100 model and conference room solutions, we have incorporated a module that allows PTZ configuration through RS232. This enhancement aims to better cater to the requirements of conference room scenarios.

1.1 Sensor and Automation

The Q-NEX sensor and automation modules are designed for collecting data in the environment, including temperature and humidity. These modules utilize automation to trigger actions in the indoor environment, reducing the need for manual intervention and configuration. This approach aims to optimize the teaching experience by creating a more responsive and comfortable indoor environment.

1.1.1 Background

As part of the Mongolia project, the Q-NEX is set to undergo a significant update with the introduction of an automation control module to enhance product functionality. Currently, it supports the collection of temperature and humidity data through sensors, allowing the NMP (Networked Media Processor) to dynamically adjust the classroom’s climate based on these data changes.

1.1.2 User Stories

Teacher Perspective:

I want to view real-time temperature and humidity data for the current classroom on the Touch Control Panel like this, ensuring timely awareness of the classroom’s environmental conditions.

Administrator Perspective:

I aim to configure automation controls on the dashboard, automatically turning the air conditioning on or off based on temperature and humidity thresholds. This ensures a comfortable classroom environment while optimizing energy usage.

1.1.3 Sensor Data Collection

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Q-NEX utilizes CBX for scheduled environmental temperature and humidity data collection. Subsequently, it compares the collected data with pre-configured trigger values. If the temperature surpasses or falls below the predefined thresholds, it activates a control signal for the production equipment, initiating actions for environmental adjustments.

1.1.4 Automation Control Requirements for Mongolia

This system encompasses CBX,NMP, touch panel, and a Web Console management, ensuring a comprehensive and interconnected solution. The platform enables the configuration of precise automation control trigger conditions, ensuring responsive and tailored actions.

Additionally, it supports real-time data transmission, enhancing the system’s agility and responsiveness. This update is strategically designed to seamlessly integrate with the established Q-NEX ecosystem. It empowers users by delivering advanced control capabilities and in-depth insights into classroom environmental conditions. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to the creation of a conducive and comfortable learning environment, aligning with Q-NEX’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for educational settings.

1.1.5 Inclusivity of environment requirements

This solution played a pivotal role in garnering approval from our clients in the Mongolia project. Additionally, due to the robust inclusivity of this environmental solution, Q-NEX will further extend its support to integrate a myriad of environmental control devices. This includes but is not limited to humidifiers, temperature controllers, and more, enhancing the provision of comprehensive environmental control solutions. This progression aims to deliver even more tailored and adaptive solutions, ensuring a higher degree of customization to meet diverse needs effectively.

1.2 PTZ Cameras: Video Streaming and Control

As the demand for control systems in conference roomscenarios continues to grow, the Q-NEX team is dedicated to enhancing the overall experience in meeting room settings. This significant update encompasses improvements aimed at optimizing the user experience specifically in conference room environments. Notably, one of the key enhancements in this update focuses on the in-room remote control capabilities of PTZ cameras, providing users with advanced and seamless control over their Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras. This endeavor reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and meeting the evolving needs of users in the dynamic landscape of conference room technologies.

1.2.1 User Stories

As a speaker immersed in the conferncing realm, the desire is for a seamless experience in controlling and monitoring PTZ cameras via a Touch Control Panel. Performing intuitive actions on the Touch Control Panel becomes pivotal when adjusting the camera’s orientation or focusing on specific areas while actively engaged in the field.

1.2.2 Detailed Features

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Video Streaming: Effortlessly pull video streams supported by IP cameras using the RTSP protocol, ensuring a robust connection to the visual data.

Video Control: Exercise control over video elements through the RS232 interface and VISCA protocol, enabling precision in managing the camera’s movements and functions.

Multi-Camera Support: Facilitates the simultaneous management of up to 1+4 cameras, offering a comprehensive view of various angles and perspectives.

The above updates of PTZ cameras enable speakers in the conference room to utilize the touch control panel CPL10 on the conference table for previewing and controlling the PTZ camera. This includes adjusting the camera’s angles, zooming in/out on the visuals, and configuring up to 10 preset positions.

This comprehensive update caters to the specific needs for conferencing occasions, providing a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface for managing PTZ cameras. The implementation of cutting-edge protocols and multi-camera support ensures a dynamic and versatile experience in conferencing environments.

2. NMP Functionality Optimization

In addition to module updates, the Q-NEX solution has undergone functional optimizations addressing the following aspects.

2.1 Seamless Auto-Switch to HDMI 1 Channel

Enhancing the live streaming experience, the NMP now boasts an automatic switch to HDMI 1 channel during live broadcasts. This feature ensures that regardless of the channel the teacher is operating on the interactive flat panel, such as HDMI channel, Android channel or Windows channel. During broadcasting, it will automatically switch to the HDMI channel connected to the NMP, facilitating smooth reception of the broadcasting and live streaming.

2.2 Sensor Data Display

In a bid to augment user interaction, a new module has been introduced. When the screen is closed, locked, or on the homepage, users can now conveniently view real-time temperature and humidity values from sensors info displayed in the top left corner. To facilitate teachers in understanding environmental conditions within the classroom, enabling them to make necessary adjustments.

2.3 Automated Task Strategy Execution

Introducing a novel approach to automation, users can now add touch panel MAC addresses for seamless integration into automated task strategies. This feature enhances the adaptability and personalization of the NMP.

2.4 RS232 Module Advancements

Continuing the commitment to versatility, the RS232 module receives updates. New device types are incorporated, including a specialized PTZ camera control module designed for Touch Control Panels, the initiating lecture recording module for IQVideo lecture capture system here, and power on/off control, switching the Android channel for interactive flat panels, etc.

2.5 Dehumidification Integration in Air Conditioning Control

In a bid to enhance environmental control, a dehumidification function is seamlessly integrated into the air conditioning control system. This addition ensures a comprehensive climate control experience.

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2.6 Screen Compatibility

The NMP now supports both 10-inch horizontal and vertical screen versions, catering to diverse user preferences and usage scenarios.

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Q-NEX Product Update: Innovations in Automation, PTZ Control, and NMP Functionality - d05af7abfdba403876bb7a12e5f1572

2.7 Intelligent Remote Unbinding

Breaking barriers, the intelligent remote control functionality sees the removal of binding restrictions, providing users with greater flexibility in IR device management.

2.8 App Enhancements

The NMP app receives a boost with the addition of an IP switching feature. Users can effortlessly switch IPs directly from the login page’s new functionality located in the top right corner. This feature ensures that the functionality of the Q-NEX system is viable, whether you are utilizing it on an internet-based platform or through Ethernet.

2.9 Live Streaming Integration

Navigating towards a comprehensive multimedia experience, the “My” page within the Q-NEX APP now integrates seamless access to live streaming features, providing users with an immersive broadcasting experience. This functionality is currently supported on the Android version of the app, allowing users to initiate live broadcasts without the need to download third-party live streaming software.

3. Conclusion

The mentioned updates and enhancements for Q-NEX modules encompass the addition of modules for sensors and automation environment settings. There is also support for the PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) functionality through a touch control panel, along with various other optimizations. The Q-NEX team remains committed to providing continuous service for your ongoing project needs.

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