March 6, 2023

Marching Forward in Wind and Rain IQ Appeared in ISE 2020

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Marching Forward in Wind and Rain IQ Appeared in ISE 2020


From Feb. 11 to Feb. 14th, 2020,  the largest audio-visual exhibition in Europe ISE 2020 (Integrated Systems Europe) was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During the period when China was suffering from the novel coronavirus, IQ, after careful consideration, decided to continue to participate in the ISE exhibition. Even during the outbreak, IQ would not stop serving its customers.

Marching Forward in Wind and Rain IQ Appeared in ISE 2020 - e 1
Marching Forward in Wind and Rain IQ Appeared in ISE 2020 – e 1

In this ISE 2020, IQ exhibited an IFP solution and remote controlling lifting mobile bracket

Interactive Display

IQTouch T Series

IQTouch T series combines 20 20-point multi-touch experience with stunning 4k image clarity. It is an Android 8.0-based interactive panel and is loaded with Windows 10 Pro. Built-in annotation software makes on-screen annotations with ease while screen mirroring software gives teachers an enhanced presentation to collaborate with mobile technology more easily.

IQTouch X Series

The interactive panel IQTouch X series shares most of the IQTouch T Series features. But it has 3 features that set it apart from IQTouch X series: 10-point capacitive touch, a built-in HD camera providing 1080p video transmission, and an array microphone collecting sound within 10 meters.

IQTouch L Pro 

75inch IQTouch L Pro series supports 20-point touch. Cooperated with IQ Conference camera and microphone, its built-in wireless screen projection software and whiteboard software can achieve an interactive conference solution.

Lifting Mobile Bracket

Double-column lifting mobile bracket (WSD-DT-K)

The double-column bracket WSD-DT-K enables the IFP to lie flat as an interactive table. In addition to controlling with the remote control, the bracket itself also has buttons to control the lifting and angle.

Single-column lifting mobile bracket (WSD-DT-J)

The single-column lifting bracket WSD-DT-J can not only control the lifting of IFP but also the tilt Angle of IFP until it lies flat.

Lifting mobile bracket (WSD-DT-E)

The double-column bracket WSD-DT-E can support big-size IFPs and the lifting of IFPs by remote control.

IQ will keep moving forward and providing professional services for the global education market. Welcome to Join us!

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