March 6, 2023

IQShare Best Wireless Presentation System

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IQShare Best Wireless Presentation System


Wireless Presentation System is a media streaming device that enables one or more users to wirelessly present content from a PC, tablet or smart phone on a bigger screen, using screen mirroring technology.


With IQShare, presenters can achieve easy and trouble-free presenting, also can share ideas and content securely from any device on the meeting room screen.

Just 3 steps :

Connect – make sure your device is under the hotspot of IQShare wireless presentation system.

Click – Click the button to share

Share – start collaborating without stress


There are different ways to share your content on the meeting room screen wirelessly with IQShare:

For Android smart phone, scan the code to download the Application, then start to share through the Application.

For IOS iPhone, after connect the hotspot of IQShare, start to share through Screen Mirroring of pull-down menu.

For Windows, with IQShare button to share screen.


IQshare has a set of advanced interactivity features to boost your meeting collaboration.

With IQShare, presenter can control any application on your laptop via the touch screen.

With IQShare, presenter can add comments directly on presented content via touch. 

With IQShare, presenter can use the meeting room’s touch screen as a writing board. 

With IQShare, presenter can control & select what’s being shared on the meeting screen.

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