March 7, 2023

IQBoard Wireless Document Camera for Classroom

Best Document Cameras for Classroom of 2019 Review - Solution 2 07

IQBoard Wireless Document Camera for Classroom


 Document cameras are a great tool for teachers. They allow teachers to take what used to be individual assignments and turn them into class assignments, creating more discussion, and interaction, and maintaining students’ attention. I highly recommend purchasing a document camera for your teachers or departments.


In this article, I will introduce two kinds of wireless document cameras of IQ, their models are IQView E3820 & IQView E3821.

Global Indian International School (Singapore SMART Campus) - 06 1
Global Indian International School (Singapore SMART Campus) – 06 1

IQView E3820


IQView E3820 is wireless design, easy to carry. It supports wireless WiFi multi-point connection.  Its overall weight is under 600g, so it is very convenient for teachers to do carry-teaching. This wireless document camera E3820 can be connected to multiple computers. After installing the software, students can control the document camera through their own computer to view the collected images.

With 8 million pixels of the camera to display a high definition of images and movements, IQView E3820 can transmit real-time video and images captured into interactive whiteboards or flat panels ( such as IQBoardm IQTouch, etc.).



IQView E3821

 IQView E3821 has a 360° flexible arm, adjustable to any direction. Macro shoot and display the clear circuit board IC model or the super-large A2 format (such as a big training scene, or maker scene)



IQView wireless document camera series allows the teacher to capture and present students’ learning procedure, groups’ learning contrast, and group learning discussion. Teachers could explain and annotate at any time. And students could present their homework and share their learning process in their own seats. The solution can reach teachers’ interaction and cultivate students’ interest and presentation skills.

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