March 9, 2023

IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard Designed Specifically for School Classroom

IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard Designed Specifically for School Classroom


These days, interactivity is certainly a must.

With IQBoard all-in-one GR519, it has 3 sizes: 80’’,92’’,100’’. This screen doesn’t just boast “interactivity”, it benefits from a 10 point multi-touch functionality, offering the ultimate solution for touch screen applications. With this capability, there can be up to 10 people using the touch facility of the screen at any one time, making it ideal for classroom use with things such as educational games, presentations or even specialist software. An added benefit of our Whiteboard is that it comes inclusive with a range of stylus tools with a strong fabric tip, allowing chief users to benefit from pleasant day to day operation and increased longevity, compared to many others. 

It is also important that your chosen whiteboard offers good enough visibility for the whole class to see it properly. Viewing angles and screen brightness are often serious issues in classrooms, as many still rely on projectors and front projection screens to display content. Front projection screens in classrooms can present consistent problems for teachers, primarily causing shadows, calibration issues and that’s not to mention the general care to be taken over projectors which are subjected to heavy use. With this, also comes other considerations, such as classroom lighting levels, projector settings, projector bulb life, screen brightness and viewing angles. These are things that need assessing in depth before purchasing an interactive front projection screen for a classroom.


IQTouch series offers an alternative solution which counters many of these problems. Our IQTouch series have a high brightness backlit LED panel, offering great visibility from every angle, even in brightly lit environments such as classrooms.No more turning the lights off to display important content!


The use of an LED powered screen over a front projection screen is widely accepted to be a superior solution for classrooms, and in fact, front projection applications in schools are largely only derived from the use of OHPs (Overhead Projectors) which saw a decline in use around the early 2000s. As demonstrated by our IQTouch series, the cost of large format touch screens has drastically decreased in recent years, making it more affordable when budget concerns are an issue.


An investment in this technology would provide an overall enormous benefit to your educational institution when compared to many alternatives on the market, and there should be no reason why your school or University can not benefit from this superior solution as much as possible.

Our IQTouch series is both simple and intuitive, offering teachers the latest and most responsive touch technology to support an active and inspired learning environment.


IQBoard offers a wide range of products to ensure that your educational institution is offering its pupils the very best in learning support technology. In addition to the product mentioned in this article, there is a wealth of information about our audio/visual options available to you on our website. If you have some ideas about how you would like to integrate our technology into your school or University, please get in touch with us!