March 6, 2023

IQBoard Interactive Touch Screens for Schools

Case Study Shahe Primary School - 3日程表设置

IQBoard Interactive Touch Screens for Schools


These days, interactive touch screens have been extensively popular among schools for presenting and bringing more interactivity and engagement into teaching and learning.

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The Transformative Advantages of Interactive Touch Screens

Here are several advantages of interactive touch screens:

Uses integrated interactive flat screen TV technology, so a projector is not required.

High definition (HD) image resolution quality or better is standard.

Image brightness does not fade over time.

Uses conventional “projection” technology to project the image on to a surface or IWB. Note interactive projectors do not require an IWB.

Image brightness does not fade over time.

No replaceable “lamp unit” type parts required

Image brightness does not fade over time and so classrooms can remain bright – supporting a more appropriate learning environment.

Flat screen LED technology uses relatively less power than projectors.

Relatively lower running cost.

No noise, so runs silently.

Equipment warranty is generally a min of 3 – 5 years.

Interactive flat screens size is generally smaller (typically 65 – 70 inch) than projector produced images. The larger interactive screens (80-84 inch are much more expensive.

Interactive flat screens are higher purchase cost than projector, however include interactive capabilites and so have much more uses.

Apart from the initial purchase cost, the total cost of ownership should not be significantly higher than original purchase cost.


There are many brand of interactive touch screens, this article will talk about IQTouch latest series.

IQTouch K Series

 Elevating Interactive Learning and Collaboration with 20-Point 4K Displays

 IQTouch K series features 20-point touch that enables several users working on the screen at the same time. 4K crystal clear display delivers the highest image quality. IQClass6.0 and  installation-free IQClass Plus software help to make an interactive teaching and collaboration. Available screen sizes are 65″”, 75″”, 86“.

Exploring the Features of the IQTouch K Series Interactive Displays

4K UHD image display

20 point touch

Dual system- Android 8.0 & Windows 10 Pro of built-in OPS

Built-in Annotation under android, windows, and any connected external computers

Plug-n-play rich ports


IQTouch C Pro Series

IQTouch C Pro’s 20-Point Touch and Wireless Casting Capabilities

IQTouch C Pro will create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the workplaces, where colleagues could work together by casting their devices wirelessly. With 20 point-touches, It is very easy for annotation and crystal clear presentation.

Elevate Meetings and Presentations with IQTouch C Pro

20 point touch and 4K UHD Display

Support group video conference with the third-party application and external camera

Cast mobile devices on the IQTouch C Pro screen wirelessly

With IQShare Lite to join in to share and display the laptop screen to IQTouch C Pro screen instantly


IQTouch L Pro Series

Unleash Seamless Interactivity with IQTouch L Pro

IQTouch L Pro features 10 point touch and Android 6.0 system. It is very easy for annotation and 4K UHD crystal clear presentation. With optional multi-screen casting projection, it can create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom or workplaces, where partners could work together by casting their devices wirelessly.

 Android OS, 4K Clarity, and Wireless Multi-Screen Casting

4K UHD image display

10 point touch

Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot

Buit-in Google Play Store to download all your favorite Apps

Built-in screen recording function

Free Annotation under android system, windows system and any connected external computers.

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