March 9, 2023

IQ Working with Hilton Hotel and Xhef with Liangshan Children Art Exhibition

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IQ Working with Hilton Hotel and Xhef with Liangshan Children Art Exhibition


On July 24, the Hope for Liangshan Children Art Exhibition was held at the Chengdu Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The exhibition was hosted by Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation, contracted by Hilton Hotels of the Chengdu region. IQ provided technical support.IQ was honored to participate in this activity.

The opening ceremony held on July 24 began with an introduction about the children’s painting activities development which was given by Wang Ying, the president of the Liangshan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. The Chengdu Waldorf Astoria Hotel general manager Fredrik Genberg introduced the relevant situation and the meaning of Hilton hotels of the Chengdu region to participate in public welfare activities and the exhibition. As Secretary General of the Sichuan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Mr. Yang gave an opening speech on behalf of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Overseas Chinese Foundation of Sichuan Province.

IQ Working with Hilton Hotel and Xhef with Liangshan Children Art Exhibition - w
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The interactive flat panel display at the opening ceremony is provided by IQ.

At the opening ceremony, Hilton Hotels of Chengdu region and Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation signed a donation agreement to donate three multimedia classrooms to Juesa Primary School in Butuo County, Liangshan prefecture.

In addition to the Liangshan children’s 53 paintings, the IQAiO Interactive Whiteboard System is also shown to the public. Which is used in the three multi-media classrooms donated by Hilton hotels of Chengdu region to the Liangshan state Butuo County Primary School. By playing the video of Liangshan children’s painting activities, IQAiO presented a prospecting future of the new technology to help the development of rural education to the attendees.

IQAiO is a multimedia equipment with a highly integrated interactive whiteboard, OPS, speakers, document camera, and so on. The rich function and high integration make it the first choice for cost-effective performance. Completing the construction of a multimedia classroom only needs an IQAiO and a projector. This is the reason why IQAiO has been approved by the Hilton Group and Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation.

From July 24 to August 4, the Liangshan children’s art exhibition will hold the itinerant exhibition in other regional hotels of the Hilton group in Chengdu. They hope through the display of children’s paintings, more people will have a better understanding of Liangshan, see the beauty of Liangshan, and the dreams of Liangshan’s children.

IQ is also willing to continue shouldering its own social responsibility, improving the rural education environment, and making efforts to promote the balanced development of education.

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