March 6, 2023

IQ Wireless Document Camera for Classroom

Best Document Cameras for Classroom of 2019 Review - Solution 2 07

IQ Wireless Document Camera for Classroom


Document camera is a must device for teachers in classroom these days. There are wired document cameras and wireless ones in the market. This article will talk about the wireless document cameras. There are many brands about wireless document cameras in the market, and we are going to introduce IQ Wireless document camera.


IQ Wireless Document – IQView E3820


The camera arm can be flipped at 270 degrees. The script can be shot at 90 degrees. It can be used as a simple recording device.

Wireless design, IQView E3820 is easy to carry. It supports wireless WiFi multi-point connection. The overall weight is under 600g, light and convenient for teachers to do mobile teaching.

Through transferred by wireless, the images of 720P and 1080P frame can keep above 30fps. Maximum shooting format:A4 format, image color RGB24 real colors, the shooting speed is no more than 1 second.

With 8 million pixels of camera to display a high definition of images and movements. IQView E3820 can transmit real time video and images captured into interactive whiteboards or interactive flat panels. This solution allows teachers to capture and present students’ learning procedures, groups’ learning contrast, and group learning discussion. Teachers could explain and annotate at any time. And students could present their homework and share their learning process on their own seats. The solution can reach teachers’ interactive and cultivates students’ interest and presentation skills.


Solution ContainsQuantityRemarks
IQView E38201PCSCompulsory
IQ Wireless teaching assistant software1PCSCompulsory
Interactive display1PCSIQBoard, IQTouch, IQAio

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