March 9, 2023

IQ Supported the Fujian University Knowledge Competition

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IQ Supported the Fujian University Knowledge Competition


On the afternoon of November 27, after the final competition of the undergraduate group and junior college students group, the final competition of the postgraduate group and awards ceremony were held in the NO.2 broadcasting hall of Fujian Southeast TV station. Several provincial leaders, including Zhou Lianqing, a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee, were present and gave guidance.

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IQ, as the technical supporter, has made a contribution to the success of the competition.

Zhou Lianqing, a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee, and other leaders were present

Let’s come to see the grand occasion of this event.

About Competition System

This year, the competition highlights the theme of learning “new thoughts”, the contents of the competition closely follow Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and four teaching materials of political theory courses in universities as well as current political affairs and the situation of Fujian province.

In the final round, the competitors went to the stage to select the question set which has a different score value and answering time. The answering channel opened at the specified time and automatically closed at the end of the time. The system can automatically check whether the answer is correct and determine whether the competitor can continue to answer the question. 25 competitors sitting in the back seats to answer questions at the same time, if they gave the wrong answers, the qualified competitors plus the corresponding points with a PK points mode.

About Technical Support

IQ sent an elite team to provide a complete set of competitive solutions including IQPad Interactive Response System software, ?a laptop as the server endpoint, IQPads as the client endpoints for players, wireless AP, and other high-tech products developed by IQ to support the two-season knowledge competition.

IQ engineers with methodical on-site control, and seamless system operation brought a sparkle to the entire competition.

About IQ

IQ had developed the dedicated Interactive Response System which was according to the requirements of the Fujian provincial committee of the communist party of China education working committee, Fujian University ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching Steering Committee and FETV. The system ran through the whole competition and shone brilliantly.

The Result

After fierce competition, Xiamen University, Fujian Business University, and Zhangzhou Health Vocational College won the group first prize for the postgraduate group, undergraduate group, and junior college students group. Wang Tao from Fuzhou University, Song Shan from Fujian business school, and Zhang Qingyuan from Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College won the individual first prize for the postgraduates group, undergraduate group, and junior college students group respectively.

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