March 9, 2023

Invitation of Mief 2018 Interactive Education Solution Provider

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Invitation of Mief 2018 Interactive Education Solution Provider


The Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF) is Russia’s largest education event: an open forum and the country’s biggest exhibition of new educational technology, infrastructure, and creative solutions. The fair is a platform for dialogue between the educational and expert communities, state institutions, and businesses on current and future issues concerning the educational system and a platform for attracting Russian and foreign businesses to participate in the Russian educational process, including through public-private partnerships.

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The fair’s program, “The New Ecosystem of Education”, emphasizes the development of communication between all of the participants of the educational process in Russia and abroad. The fair’s program has been created with due consideration for the interests of all of the communities and groups involved in the educational process today: from university rectors and preschool psychologists to heads of educational startups, children, and parents.

This year IQ will bring the latest products and solutions for?MIEF 2018.

IQTouch C Interactive Display for Corporate

UST Laser Projector

All-in-One Whiteboard System

IQ E3511 Document Camera

IQSchool Solution:

For more information, welcome to visit our booth: AF-21.2, 18-21 April? 2018

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