March 9, 2023

I Am IQBoard of IQ Returnstar Technology on Children Day


I Am IQBoard of IQ Returnstar Technology on Children Day


Saturday, June 1, 2019, is a rainy day good for making friends, hanging out, and having fun. I came to my mother’s work place on this day, it is so beautiful and big, and I got a lot of gifts here.

Many children are here, and also many uncles and aunts. They are my parent’s colleagues, but today they are our big friends, and they will play games with us.

I only took a puppy balloon from the clown, and this uncle took a balloon so big!

Mom, these two aunts are playing games with the clown.

Take all the children’s balloons!

Mom, I want clown wings, too!

So many children like the balloon of the clown. and the clown can do magic, I really hope I can see him every day!

I played a few games here and some are too difficult for me. One of my favorite games is catching goldfish, which has many small toys of my favorite.

Some elder children are doing really good, and they can catch a lot for one time.

There is a touch-deer-nose game, and one of the elder girl touched the nose of deer all at once.

The most difficult game is to guess the riddle inside the gold egg. I really cannot guess any of them, either of my mom, but several children’s parents have guessed it out. 

My most memorable game is to throw a ball with my mom! I throw, and my mom catch. My throwing is very accurate, but my mom always can’t catch it, and other children and their parents are doing very well.

There is a transporting ping-pong game which require me and my mom to cooperate with the transport , but I can not do it well. There is a child do it well all at once, and I really want to be friends with her!

Later, we gathered together to dance. During the dancing, we all became flying birds, just like the birds painted on the pictures! We also made small cute pen-holders!

Finally, the staff of my mom’s company brought us a lot of delicious snacks! and also the relaxing bear toy, I am very happy!

I have known a lot of good friends on the day, and I really hope to see them next year!