October 23, 2023

How Cutting-Edge Classroom Tools Revolutionize Learning?

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How Cutting-Edge Classroom Tools Revolutionize Learning?


A Seamless Fusion of Multimedia Control and Intelligent Recording

In today’s swiftly evolving educational and business settings, technology is assuming a greater and greater role in boosting involvement, effectiveness, and ease of use. The Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 and the IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS610 are two state-of-the-art solutions that have transformed how we engage with multimedia tools and record significant data. Just imagine the possibilities that emerge when these two innovations join together.  In this article, we will discuss how integrating Q-NEX NDP100 into the IQVideo LCS610 can enhance the learning experience. The benefits are manifold, resulting in a synergy that cannot be matched.

The Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 is an impressive technological tool that transforms teaching spaces. Its sleek design and all-in-one capabilities provide teachers and presenters with easy control and audience interaction. Let’s explore the benefits of adding the Q-NEX NDP100 to the IQVideo LCS610 system.

1. Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100: a modern digital platform

Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 is an all-in-one tool for educators to enhance teaching and presentation in modern classrooms. The podium has multimedia device control, interactivity, and device management capabilities.

Digital Podium - NDP100 2
Digital Podium – NDP100 2

1.1 Integrated Design

The Q-NEX NDP100 combines multimedia devices and control functions into an attractive podium, simplifying the remote control of cameras, projectors, microphones, and other multimedia devices for educators. This design makes the device easier to use, giving educators a smoother teaching and presentation experience.

1.2 Touch Screen Control

The Q-NEX NDP100 comes with a touch panel that lets educators manage devices and content with simple touch operations. The touchscreen interface is user-friendly, allowing for quick device switching, content display, and interaction. Educators can add notes, write, and demonstrate on the screen to boost student interaction.

1.3 User-defined Device Integration

The Q-NEX NDP100 permits users to integrate devices in line with their requirements. It can be adapted to various classroom and presentation settings. Whatever devices you must connect, the Q-NEX NDP100 allows flexibility to customize your digital podium for specific education or presentation needs.

1.4 Remote control and management

The Q-NEX NDP100 can be remotely controlled and managed, so that users can effortlessly access and oversee incorporated devices via the network. This simplifies the management and upkeep of faraway devices and also allows for automated functions like scheduling switches, conserving electricity, and decreasing workload.

2. LCS710: Intelligent recording and online learning

IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 records and streams educational content. It’s an excellent teaching tool for schools and businesses.

2.1 One-click recording and live broadcast

The LCS710 integrates a video platform with a touch screen, allowing users to initiate course recording or live streaming with a simple click of an on-screen button. This one-click operation greatly simplifies the process of recording and livestream, enabling educators to easily deliver course content to students or audiences.

2.2 Capture multiple input sources

The LCS710 video platform can handle two cameras, and each one can record up to four scenes. Additionally, there are HDMI input interfaces to connect external PCs and capture courseware content. This way, the video recording will have a combination of recorded videos and separate videos for each input source, providing users with different options for recording.

2.3 Automatic tracking camera

The LCS610 has two 4K auto-tracking cameras that capture close-up and wide-angle shots of teachers and students. These cameras have auto-tracking technology that switches between close-ups and panoramic views for a lively and interactive recording.

2.4 Extensive sound capture

The mic in the system can pick up sound up to 20 feet away and move with the speaker to ensure crystal clear audio. It also filters out background noise to enhance sound quality.

2.5 Real-time Online Guide

Users can select split-screen mode or use the touch screen to interact with course information and the school logo on the video platform. The remote guidance platform can also be accessed through a mobile device or PC to provide online guidance, manage multiple scenarios, and simultaneously edit and merge videos.

2.6 Live mixed video production

LCS610 enables you to stream your recorded videos to online learning platforms like YouTube and Facebook. With an uncomplicated screen or remote function, users can effortlessly transmit hybrid videos to remote students, facilitating an online learning experience in the hybrid classroom. The system also employs RTSP/RTMP/TS streaming protocol to ensure high-quality live streaming online.

3. Perfect combination in the classroom

Integrate multimedia devices with controls through an all-in-one design to provide a user-friendly experience. When the two are used together, there are a number of significant benefits:

3.1 Simplify control and recording

The LCS610 IQVideo allows educators to easily record and stream live video content with just one click. The Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 enhances this by offering multi-device control, putting all multimedia devices at the teacher’s fingertips.  By using these tools together, educators can focus on teaching without the need for complex equipment operations.

3.2 Seamless switching and interaction

The IQVideo LCS610 has many input options and works with two cameras and external PCs. When combined with the Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100, this allows teachers to effortlessly switch between various content sources, like course materials, presentations, and live videos. Also, the Digital Podium’s touch screen and handwriting capabilities enable instant annotation and interaction. Students can engage with the screen, pose inquiries, and join conversations that improve the educational encounter.

Transforming Myanmar's Universities into Smart Campuses - MOE 14
Transforming Myanmar’s Universities into Smart Campuses – MOE 14

3.3 Recording and Sharing

IQVideo LCS610 has a lot of features for recording and sharing course content with a larger audience. If combined with Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100, teachers can live-record the content on an online learning platform, making it accessible to remote students. This approach brings education to more areas, expanding the use of educational resources and promoting educational equity.

3.4 Educational Innovation

The two can be a great tool for education innovation. Teachers can blend this technology into their lessons for both online and traditional classrooms, improving teaching efficiency and students’ opportunities for interaction and learning.

3.5 Device Management

The IQVideo LCS610 is controllable from a mobile device. The Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 also has this capability. Educators can thus manage equipment from different locations without being there in person. This increases efficiency and reduces the burden on educators.

The IQVideo LCS610 and  Digital Podium NDP100 from Q-NEX pave the way for the future of education. Together, they offer excellent recording and live streaming, allowing for increased interaction and engagement between educators and students. This improves efficiency and unlocks new educational possibilities. Combining these technologies enables educators to provide a more intricate and compelling learning experience that promotes innovation and advances education. The future of education will be engaging and interactive. The IQVideo LCS610 and Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 will play a leading role in this advancement.

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