March 9, 2023

Finding the Best Classroom Interactive Display

Finding the Best Classroom Interactive Display


All interactive display technologies rely on embedded interactive software to deliver annotation capabilities and other collaborative features. As the interactive display market evolved to include new technologies, many IWB manufacturers began to periodically tweak their licensing and usage requirements, however most continue to include licensing and usage restrictions. 


So which type of interactive display is the best ?

Each of the available technologies present relative advantages and limitations. The key to choosing the best fit for a given installation is to carefully evaluate the particular circumstances, including budget, content to be displayed, room size, audience, ambient light, and other environmental factors.

For interactive whiteboard, One of the primary advantages of the interactive whiteboard is its familiarity. Many instructors have used an interactive whiteboard in the past, are currently using one, know others who have used them or were exposed to them during their own teaching education.

For interactive flat panels, interactive flat panel displays bring both added image clarity and greater enthusiasm to the classroom. Excitement and interest are generated by the appeal of the huge, iPad-like device, which functions as easy as a familiar tablet. One important factor in the long life of LED displays is that they have no moving parts. By contrast, projectors rely on cooling by fans, which are particularly likely to fail after extended use, and whose lifespan is even shorter in dusty environments such as many classrooms.