March 9, 2023

Exchanging Gifts Party of IQ Members at Christmas of 2018

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Exchanging Gifts Party of IQ Members at Christmas of 2018


When the bell rings for Christmas 2018, Santa Claus arrives at IQ on his reindeer sleigh! Our Christmas activity — “Exchanging gifts at Christmas” finished with joy and laughter.

We use the 7-meter-long IQBoard PCT to show the party introduction to our mates.

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Part One

At 9:00 a.m. on December 24th, Our Company was bedecked with baubles and awash with Christmas cheer. IQ members piled small gifts they had prepared carefully under the Christmas tree.

Everybody was very pleased to see Xmas decorations.

Part Two

At 3:00 PM on December 25th, with the familiar melody of “Jingle Bells. Our Christmas activities started on time. Picked a number in the box, selected the paired gift, and opened it with great interest; some were surprised by their favorite gift while some were amused by the spoof one. What an unforgettable memory for IQ members!

Part Three

Here are the first, second, and third Christmas prizes!

Our Santa Claus — President Yang wearing a funny Hogwarts-style Christmas hat to pick the first, second, and third prizes.

The first prize went to President assistant-HuiJu, What a surprise! She said,” This is just what I want”!

This Christmas activity promotes friendships among IQ members and warms the whole winter.

We are looking forward to the surprises of next year’s Christmas IQ.

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