March 6, 2023

Everything about Interactive Whiterboard Prices Software

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Everything about Interactive Whiterboard Prices Software


To boost your presentations or enrich your courses, the IWB or interactive whiteboard is the most commonly used interactive tool in history. It is currently the most widespread mobile solution in classrooms and meeting rooms.

Consisting of an ultra-thin mobile sensor and an interactive stylus, completed by a video projector and a computer, it allows you to interact on the projection surface.

The projector links the computer to the IWB, displaying whatever is on the computer’s screen.

We’ll go straight into the different types of boards that exists out there and check out their advantages and disadvantages.

LCD Touch Panel Suitable for School - IQTouch HA1100 Pro 17
LCD Touch Panel Suitable for School – IQTouch HA1100 Pro 17

Board Type 1: Pen-based, infrared boards

These boards are usually the cheapest boards on the market. They work by sticking a special dongle onto an existing whiteboard and use a battery-operated pen to work. You can usually use these boards as normal whiteboards and use dry-wipe markers on them. However, you cannot use your finger to interact with them.

Board Type 2: Pen-based, electro-magnetic boards

These boards use a mesh of copper wires on the board to get their input. This means they don’t need a battery-operated pen, which saves on buying batteries. However, these boards do not double up as normal dry-wipe boards. Neither can you interact with your finger on them. They are also usually more expensive than the boards above. 

Board type 3: Touch-based, mesh board

This type of board allows the user to interact with their finger as well as a pen. Some of them allow you to use dry wipe markers on them too. They’re also reasonably priced. Examples include Teamboard, Traceboard, Smartboard and IQBoard.

Board type 4: Touch-based Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

These boards have all the features of the above type of board but just use a different technology. A lot of these boards are also magnetic, which is useful. Again dry wipe markers can be used on these. Examples include Hitachi Starboard, TouchIT, GeneeBoard, InTech Board, IQBoard, Imex Dualboard, and Cleverboard Dual. These boards are usually cheap and are increasingly becoming very popular.

There are many reasons why people choose one of the above options. I hope this article has helped unravel some of the mystery around the types of boards out there. However, whatever board you choose, make sure you take your time.  

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