March 2, 2023

Energy Efficient Classroom Automation Using IoT

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Energy Efficient Classroom Automation Using IoT


The Internet is a remarkable tool for communication, collaboration, and coordination. It enables people to share ideas and information at a speed that was never possible before. However, it also brings with it the ability to automate processes that previously required human intervention. This is especially true within the realm of education, where students can now be taught in an environment where they can learn more efficiently due to the addition of technology.

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An IoT based approach for energy-efficient classroom automation

An IoT based approach for energy-efficient classroom automation is proposed in this paper by moving manual processes to automatic procedures. Q-NEX is used as a backbone to provide solutions for the automation of classroom equipment such as lights, fans, and air conditioning. Data generation, processing, and communication is also done via Q-NEX. Real-time statistics of multiple sensors and electronic devices can be monitored on a web application

IoT offers many benefits including:

– saving energy by automating manual processes

– reducing maintenance costs by making sure that things are always in good working order

– providing real-time statistics about multiple sensors and electronic devices

We know that education is all about the students—and their needs. That’s why we’ve created Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution, a way to bring together all of your classroom automation needs into one easy-to-manage solution.

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution embraces AV integration and centralized device management, based on cloud IoT ecosystem and AV over IP technology, to perform smart classroom multimedia control and networked AV distribution throughout the campus.

Networked Media Processor

The main product of Q-NEX, the Networked Media Processor, integrates a classroom amplification system for digital audio broadcasting and controls the power of the projector screen, speakers, lights, A/C, electric door, and more—all based on your educational needs, which provides an all-in-one, easy-to-manage solution that seamlessly connects these systems into one smart network.

Q-NEX NMP is short for Networked Media Processor, and it is mainly designed to assist the school’s IT admin in managing various electronic facilities in a school and freeing teachers from the complicated operation of a multimedia classroom.

The Q-NEX NMP is a smart control center that supports both wired and wireless networking. It can be used to control the power supply, temperature, humidity, CO2 level, and other environmental factors in classrooms. The system can also be used to collect data about the students’ learning behavior through facial recognition cameras.

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