October 8, 2023

Empowering Education & Communication—— Q -NEX’s NDP100 & HA1100 Pro: A Dynamic Fusion

Digital Podium - 4

Empowering Education & Communication—— Q -NEX’s NDP100 & HA1100 Pro: A Dynamic Fusion


With the rapid development of science and technology, education is undergoing unprecedented changes. In this digital age, classrooms are no longer limited to traditional chalkboards and books, but are moving toward more interactive and creative ways of learning. Two leading products, Q-NEX’s new digital podium NDP100, and the HA1100 Pro high-end conference interactive display, are leading this revolution.

1. The Q-NEX NDP100 Digital Podium

The Digital Podium, also referred to as the Smart Podium, Electronic Podium, Portable Digital Podium, and other similar names, serves as an all-encompassing teaching device for educators.   This device amalgamates various functionalities into one, including a podium, display screen, Network Media Processor (NMP), document camera, and gooseneck microphone. The Digital Podium is extensively utilized in classrooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, training rooms, and other similar settings. 

The combination of these components provides a multimedia presentation ability for the smart podium. The portable digital podium has a touch panel that is easy to use and allows teachers to control multimedia devices with a single touch. It also enables a smart and smooth teaching experience through web applications and web controls. It integrates advanced multimedia technology, interactive features, and network connectivity to offer educators and speakers a modern and effective platform for presenting.

Digital Podium - NDP100 3 scaled
Digital Podium – NDP100 3 scaled

2. IQTouch HA1100 Pro Interactive Display:

The IQTouch HA1100 Pro Conference Interactive Display is a state-of-the-art communication solution. With its advanced features, including a 4K 48MP Video Conference Camera, 4K 13MP Document Camera, and the new IQ OS based on Android 11, the IQTouch HA1100 Pro Conference Interactive Display provides a responsive and efficient interactive experience.

The device delivers exceptional performance, with its touch-sensitive technology providing a natural and intuitive writing and interaction experience that is akin to using pen and paper. The device’s anti-blue light feature allows for prolonged usage without straining the eyes, a considerate addition for lengthy meetings or classes. The integrated 48MP camera and 4K document camera streamline video conferencing and content sharing, facilitating effortless remote collaboration. The user-friendly interface and customizable front buttons enhance ease of use. The convenience of a single-cable solution with USB-C connectivity adds appeal for both educators and professionals.

Empowering Education & Communication - IQTouch 1100 series 01
Empowering Education & Communication – IQTouch 1100 series 01

3. The Perfect Synergy

The ability of the two products to work together brings a whole new experience to demonstrations and training events in the education and business communities. By using them together, educators and business leaders can showcase their expertise and insight in conferences and presentations.

The combination of Q-NEX’s new NDP100 digital podium and the HA1100 Pro high-end interactive conference display provides users with endless possibilities. A digital podium works by combining a built-in computer and AV equipment to facilitate seamless presentations. Presenters can control the podium through an easy-to-use interface, allowing them to switch to different multimedia content, interact with the audience, and access cloud resources for an engaging presentation experience. The Digital Podium can also be integrated with other devices through its control port options, including various connectivity options such as USB, HDMI, VGA, or wireless, allowing presenters to connect laptops, tablets, projectors, displays, and other external devices. This integration increases the versatility of the podium and enables seamless content sharing and control during presentations. Users can stream content from the podium to the big screen in real time, ensuring that everyone in the audience can see the presentation clearly.

Digital Podium - NDP100 18
Digital Podium – NDP100 18

4. Unlocking Infinite Benefits

Combined with Q-NEX’s new NDP100 digital podium and HA1100 Pro high-end interactive conference display, users will enjoy significant advantages:

4.1 Exceptional Visual Experience

The high resolution and superior visual effects of the HA1100 Pro not only provide viewers with a detailed visual experience, ensuring that no detail is missed, but also achieve a comfortable eye protection effect by reducing harmful blue light in the panel’s LED backlight. At the same time, it still maintains the color accuracy of the display, restoring excellent image quality and providing perfect visual enjoyment for teachers and students.

4.2 Powerful Interaction

By interacting with the digital podium, presenters can interact more closely with the audience, actively answer questions, demonstrate concepts, and greatly promote collaboration among students. The HA1100 Pro uses advanced touch technology to enable the screen to respond quickly and with high accuracy, making writing more vivid and natural, just like writing on paper. You can even use collaborative Windows Ink and gesture recognition for quick access to features. In addition, it uses optical bonding technology to provide a more accurate touch response with zero gap. There is no gap between the LCD panel and the overlay glass, making the writing experience smoother than ever, just like writing on a traditional whiteboard, making it the best interactive panel for education and business.

4.3 Seamless Integration

The perfect integration of the two products ensures that users can easily and smoothly switch and share content, improving the efficiency of presentations and training. The digital platform supports 3X3 audio and video matrix switching and touch tracking functions, which can achieve seamless audio and video content display. Teachers can seamlessly switch a variety of media resources to the big screen, with timely annotations and explanations, to better attract students’ attention and improve students’ enthusiasm for learning. At the same time, the digital platform also supports flexible equipment integration, it can easily integrate with a variety of multimedia equipment, to achieve continuous upgrading and expansion of classroom hardware, providing more possibilities for teaching.

4.4 Efficient Knowledge Transfer

The combination of digital podiums and interactive displays provides an efficient way to transfer knowledge, whether in the field of education or in the business environment, with superior results. With one-click control of the digital podium, speakers can easily manage multiple multimedia devices, eliminating the need to switch controls frequently, and saving valuable time. The intuitive operating interface of the touch panel on the digital platform enables speakers to easily switch devices such as HA1100 Pro, displays, and document cameras for seamless presentation.

In conclusion, the combination of Q-NEX’s NDP100 digital podium from Q-NEX and HA1100 Pro interactive display sets the stage for a revolutionary improvement in the education and conferencing experience. These innovative tools make it easier for educators and speakers to present engaging content to audiences and open up a world of possibilities for knowledge co-creation and collaboration.

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