November 7, 2023

Elevating Learning Experiences with Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution

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Elevating Learning Experiences with Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution


Q-NEX is a team committed to staying in tune with market demands and providing solutions for schools. With the growing need for recording courses, live streaming in school LAN or the Internet, and the rise of hybrid classrooms, we have introduced the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution to address this issue. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with Networked Media Processor(NMP), enabling schools to create dynamic and engaging Smart Lecture Capture Classrooms. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll explore the core functions, layout, key features, and recommended products that make the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution a game-changer in the education sector.

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At the heart of the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution is the integration of the Lecture Capture System with NMP AV control system. This powerful combination creates Lecture Capture classrooms with live streaming capabilities, extending the reach of educational content both within and beyond the school premises. With this solution, schools can enrich their video course resources and deliver engaging lectures to a broader audience.

Function Introduction

Now, let’s explore the key functions of the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution.

Lecture Recording Made Easy

Here, the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution simplifies the lecture recording process. With just one click, teachers can initiate class recordings, and the system takes care of the rest. Automatic close-ups, lens switching, and scene transitions ensure that every moment is captured seamlessly.

Two-Way Live Streaming

Leveraging the Internet, educators can stream live classes to remote learning platforms like YouTube or Facebook, making lessons accessible to students studying from home. After recording, teachers can upload videos to the school’s FTP server for students to access and study offline. Q-NEX’s live streaming capabilities also allow popular teachers to deliver live lectures to all classrooms simultaneously, addressing limited physical classroom space concerns.

Remote Management for Efficiency

The Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution provides remote management tools that alleviate the burden of IT administrators. Scheduled tasks, such as device control and record courses, can be automated. For example, classroom lights, projectors, air conditioning, and projection screens can be powered on at specific times without the need for on-site IT admin intervention. The routine courses can also be set to record by schedule, thus achieving an automatic record when the time comes.

AV Broadcasting and Switching

During the lecture recording process, the NMP’s AV switching function ensures the seamless output of multi-source courseware screens to the Video Station. This enriches the teaching content by allowing teachers to switch between various sources effortlessly.

Intelligent Lecture Capture System

The system employs intelligent tracking cameras that automatically follow the teacher, seamlessly switching between panoramic and close-up views based on the scene’s dynamics. When teachers use the touch screen to explain courseware, the Video Station smoothly transitions to the main recording screen, eliminating the need for manual operation.

Layout/Topology of Connected Devices

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Lecture Capture Classroom –

From the above topology diagram, it is evident that by connecting the core products, Q-NEX NMP and IQVideo Lecture Capture System, we can seamlessly integrate them with other devices within the classroom, thereby realizing the Q-NEX Lecture Capture System solution.

Key Features

After understanding the topology diagram of the solution, let’s take a closer look at the core functionality of the solution.

Remote Learning through YouTube

In situations where network speed is excellent, teachers can livestream their lectures to YouTube or Facebook, providing students with an opportunity for real-time remote learning. After the online class ends, students can access and review the recorded content on YouTube or Facebook.

Simple Operation

Initiating lecture recording is a breeze for teachers with just one click. The system automatically manages close-up shots, overviews, and shot transitions. Following recording, teachers can upload the video to the FTP server, making it accessible for students to download and study offline.

Lecture Delivery on Campus

Esteemed school lecturers can deliver open classes to all classrooms in real time using Q-NEX’s  technology of live streaming capabilities, addressing the challenge of limited classroom space. Additionally, the entire lecture can be recorded for later playback.

Scheduled Tasks for Daily Management

Q-NEX Console streamlines daily device management for school IT administrators. Scheduled tasks can be set for various devices, such as lights, projectors, air conditioning, and projection screens. Devices can be automatically powered on and off at specified times, eliminating the need for on-site IT admin involvement.

AV Switching for Engaging Content

The AV switching function of NMP ensures the output of multi-source courseware screens to the Video Station during the lecture capture process. This feature empowers teachers to seamlessly switch between different content sources, enhancing engagement.

Remote Learning and Streaming

In an era of remote and hybrid learning, the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution empowers educators to reach students wherever they are. With its live streaming capability in campus and our of the school, teachers can broadcast lessons not only to in-class students but also to remote learners. The system’s integration with platforms like YouTube enables students to access lectures from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, recorded sessions can be uploaded to school FTP servers, allowing students to download and study at their own pace.

To maximize the benefits of the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution, we recommend a suite of products designed to enhance your lecture capture experience. These products complement each other, ensuring seamless operation and top-notch performance. Let’s explore the key recommended products that make the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution truly exceptional.

Networked Media Processor

The Networked Media Processor (NMP) stands as the cornerstone of the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution. This versatile and centralized control unit serves as the nucleus of your smart classroom, allowing you to have full control over every component in the lecture capture process. NMP empowers educators and IT administrators with a range of functions, ensuring that your lecture capture experience is smooth, efficient, and engaging.

Q-NEX Touch Panel CPL10

The Q-NEX Touch Panel CPL10 is an essential component for teachers, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies device control. With this touch panel, educators can effortlessly manage classroom devices, switch between input sources, control power on/off for classroom display devices and lights, adjust voice volume, and more, all with a simple touch. Its intuitive design streamlines the management of classroom equipment, making it a valuable asset for teachers.

IQVideo LCS710

The IQVideo LCS710 is a comprehensive Lecture Capture System that simplifies recording and live streaming. This essential component of the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution empowers educators to deliver captivating lectures that reach a wider audience. With its user-friendly features, the IQVideo LCS710 makes it easy to capture and share educational content. It’s a valuable addition to any lecture capture setup, ensuring that your lessons are accessible and dynamic.

Incorporating these recommended products into your Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution will elevate your lecture capture experience, making it more accessible, interactive, and engaging. These products work in harmony to simplify lecture capture operations, enhance content quality, and ensure that educators and students benefit from a seamless and enriching learning environment.

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In conclusion, the Q-NEX Lecture Capture Solution transforms traditional classrooms into dynamic hubs of learning. With its advanced features, ease of use, and compatibility with popular products, it revolutionizes how education is delivered and received, both within the classroom and beyond. The ability to engage students remotely and enrich teaching content makes this solution a valuable asset for educational institutions in the digital age.

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