March 6, 2023

Collision of Two Great Civilizations IQ Cairo ICT 2019


Collision of Two Great Civilizations IQ Cairo ICT 2019


Both Egypt and China are ancient countries with a long history of civilization, and the continuation of civilization is inseparable from the development of education. 

As an expert of interactive solution supplier in education sector, IQ has been cooperating with Egyptian Schools for a long time. To share more ideas, and build deeper friendship with Egypt market, IQ participate in this Cario ICT 2019 education exhibition(1-4, December, 2019) , which is an inevitable encounter between IQ and Egypt. 

In this Cario ICT 2019 exhibition, IQ exhibites IFPs like IQTouch L Pro, interactive all-in-one whiteboards like IQAio GR519, and document cameras like IQView E3511 etc.

IQTouch L Pro is a 4K resolution interactive flat panel with anti glare tempered glass. Built-in wireless presentation app and built-in whiteboard app helps teacher save time. Besides, cooperated with IQ Interactive Education Platform software, it supports 20 points touch and supports to save the courseware and annotations.

With precise touch and and smooth operation experience,  IQTouch L Pro wins teachers’ smile.

IQAio GR519 – all-in-one interactive whiteboard, has built-in OPS, central control system, audio amplifier and wireless microphone. With one button, users can turn on the all devices including the interactive whiteboard, built-in OPS, projector, Mic etc. 
Smooth and stable infrared technology 10 points touch writing, slim frame and simple design attract visitors’ attention.  

Professional products and excellent service make IQ shine in Cairo ICT 2019 exhibition.
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