March 6, 2023

Campus AV Broadcasting Solution from Q-NEX


Campus AV Broadcasting Solution from Q-NEX


To achieve AV distribution, cloud storage and device control among campuses

—Achieve audio and video broadcasting and cloud
storage functions within or among campusesBased on a scalable network framework, Q-NEX Campus solution allows the Media Server to be deployed over private network OR public network, such as a school LAN/VPN, or acquiring an IP address through an ISP, to realize synchronous AV distribution among campuses. Working Q-NEX Media Server over Private Network, to distribute AV contents among campuses will not be influenced by the bandwidth limit of public network. It suits for schools with one campus or separated campuses in the area.By acquiring a public IP address from the local ISP, Q-NEX Media Server can achieve synchronous AV distribution to all devices connected around the world, so long as the bandwidth of both senders and receivers are supportable. With Q-NEX Media Server, IT administrators can allocate public and individual storage (such as those used by authorized teachers) of campus.In addition to A/V broadcasting and cloud storage, Q-NEX NMP-G also enables networked central control of multimedia devices in classrooms.Get in touch with simple but functional system: