March 6, 2023

A Webbased Platform for Multimedia Device Management


A Webbased Platform for Multimedia Device Management


Q-NEX Console is a platform designed for regulating devices connected to NMP.

As a solution for campus equipment management, Q-NEX consists of hardware – Networked Media Processor, wireless Mic, control panel, media server, and web-based platform Q-NEX Console. Specially designed and developed for Q-NEX NMP, Q-NEX Console is a web-based platform, which helps IT admins manage and control the campus multimedia devices by just logging in the website or mobile APP.Through Q-NEX Console, IT admins can check the status of connected devices in each classroom, regulate them, or deal with daily maintenance requests. 

Since Q-NEX Console is a web-based platform, it requires no installation program, and occupies no storage space of a local PC.With a built-in Streaming Service System in the local Media Server, Q-NEX Console can communicate directly with the Media Server for commanding from the external network, and call media contents, incl. audios and videos, from the local server and distribute within the internal network.

A user-friendly designed UI on Q-NEX Console, makes the operations and management easy and efficient for users.A scheduled task is to help IT admin regulate predetermined arrangements and set them in a routine, i.e., power on lights and air conditioner in a classroom, and get projector and projection screen ready 30 seconds before class, so that teachers can just walk in the classroom with just his/her prepared courseware, but no bother to fight with the eletronic devices.

By setting up task schedules, IT admin can more efficiently manage repeatable jobs daily and weekly, and get free from repetitive work.By working with a Media Server, IT admin can allocate storage on Q-NEX console for public use and private use.

Public storage is an open resource for all users to access to, teachers can share their coursewares with each other, while private storage is for authorized teachers to store individual files.As a Cloud-based management system, Q-NEX Console can do:   Reduce the IT admins’                   Online upgrade to                            Auto running
     work pressure and                      reduce maintenance                    schedules to reduce
      reduce labor costs                                costs                                         time cost