March 9, 2023

6 Key Features to Choose A Visualizer

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6 Key Features to Choose A Visualizer


A Visualizer, which can be also termed as Document Camera, Presenter or Visual Presenter, is basically a digital ICT and AV Presentation Resource that are being directly connected with any P.C, Interactive Whiteboard, Projector or LCD screen conveniently.

It’s a highly effective Visual Teaching Aid for every sort of Educational Assessments conducted in Colleges, K-12 Schools, Training Organizations and Company Learning Centers.

Before you start your search for the most effective available option to choose the best Visualizers or Digital Presenters for your own, do look carefully for some basic and essential features.

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Visualizer’s arm is a support retaining the camera above the object. Visualizers are available in two kinds of arms designs- One is inflexible and other is flexible. Flexible arm Visualizers are easier to the presenter for capturing the object image from all angles as compared to rigid arm Visualizers. A presenter can choose Visualizer, with any specific arm, as per their requirement.


Resolution is probably the most prominent features, for that reason, a presenter must choose a Visualiser which carries more pixels. The better resolution a document camera will carry, the clearer and detailed image it will project on the screen or on the interactive whiteboard.


A presenter should choose a Visualizer that may cover more work area. For example, a document camera can project an A3 image easily if it carries work area of 420mmx297mm. It’s advantageous to choose a Visual Presenter or a document camera which can cover more work area.


Try to get a Visualizer which carry higher frame rate, in clear terms, images taken per second.

Visualizer with a higher frame rate projects smooth and skip-free flow of a video. Again, the higher the frame rate is, the better Document Camera is.


Another related feature is to look for a Visualizer with good built-in memory for storage or saving images, videos and other kinds of media. One can also opt for Document Camera or Visualizer which has a slot for an SD card in addition or instead of built in memory.


Search out for a Visualizer that possesses image and video capturing function in it. With a good Visualizer or Document Camera, a presenter can record Lessons, Sessions, Videos, Student Progress and much more.

Apart from these, a Presenter or a Teacher can also consider Visualizers or a Document Cameras which have few more important and useful features including USB2 Connectivity, Wall Mountable, Split Screen, Auto Focusing, Interoperability, able to showcase and Measure Lessons, Time Efficiency and which can promptly integrate with any Interactive Whiteboard to create Presentations, Digital Resources and Record Demonstrations promptly when using the Software.

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