June 28, 2023

2023 Memorable Team-building Trip to Hangzhou

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2023 Memorable Team-building Trip to Hangzhou


We’re thrilled to share with you the highlights of our recent team-building adventure to the picturesque destinations of Wuzhen and Hangzhou. Get ready to relive the excitement and camaraderie of this unforgettable journey!

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Day 1: Arrival in Wuzhen
As the sun shone brightly, our enthusiastic team arrived in Hangzhou, ready to embark on a remarkable adventure. Our destination? The enchanting Wuzhen West Scenic Area. Stepping into this ancient water town was like entering a dream. IQ colleagues marveled at the cobblestone streets, traditional workshops, captivating exhibitions, and magnificent temples. The air was filled with anticipation as we explored the hidden gems of Wuzhen, soaking in the rich cultural heritage and feeling the pulse of the water town. As night fell, the entire town transformed into a mesmerizing wonderland, illuminated by vibrant lights that painted the reflections of the ancient buildings in the glistening waters.

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Day 2: Discovering Nanxun’s Charms and Hangzhou’s Beauty
Energized by the previous day’s adventures, our spirits soared as we set off to discover the hidden treasures of Nanxun. This quaint town, known as the “Capital of Chinese Lake Brushes,” greeted us with a symphony of scents, sights, and sounds. The delicate fragrance of incense wafted through the air as we explored majestic temples and indulged in the elegance of traditional mansions. Nanxun’s picturesque gardens, graceful arch bridges, and intricate silk craftsmanship left us spellbound. We couldn’t resist capturing countless moments of awe-inspiring beauty.

Our journey continued to Hangzhou, where we delved into the spiritual realm of Lingyin Temple and ascended the breathtaking Feilai Peak. Lingyin Temple, nestled amidst lush greenery, evoked a sense of tranquility and reverence. The intricate carvings and hidden courtyards transported us to a world of ancient wisdom and inner peace. As we ventured further to Feilai Peak, we marveled at the whimsical caves and peculiar rock formations that seemed to have emerged from legends and myths. Each step brought us closer to nature’s marvels, inspiring a profound appreciation for the wonders of the earth.

Day 3: Bidding Farewell with West Lake’s Splendor

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On our final day, we bid farewell to Hangzhou but not before experiencing the splendor of West Lake. Boarding a charming cruise boat, we glided across the serene waters, surrounded by lush greenery and iconic landmarks. The famous Santan Yin Yue (Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon), the legendary Broken Bridge, and the elegant Leifeng Pagoda unveiled their timeless beauty, imprinting our memories with images of tranquility and harmony.

This team-building trip was an extraordinary journey that brought the IQ team closer than ever. Stay tuned to our WeChat account for more exciting updates from IQ Company!